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Walkable Community Survey
Walkable Community Survey
Walkable Community Survey - Ward 3
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Walkable Community Survey
Walkable Community Survey

The city is in the initial stages of developing a Ward 3 Walkable Community Plan. The plan area is located in the southeast sector of the city near the intersection of Eastern and Sunrise Avenues. The Plan boundaries extend in an approximate one-half mile radius from this intersection to include the Chuck Minker center to the east and Crestwood Elementary School to the west.

A Walkable Community Plan provides recommendations for improvements that allow residents to easily and safely walk to community amenities and conduct normal daily activities. The plan provides a framework for establishing a safe and accessible network of community assets within a comfortable 10 minute walk from the center of the Plan area.

More Info:
Walkable Communities Brochure
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THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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